Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Galveston getaway

One night a few weeks ago Gary asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I was half joking when I said, "I'd like to spend my birthday at the beach!"  Well, after some thinking and planning we decided that is what we should do.  Sunday we headed out early in the morning.  We didn't want to travel too far away since we were driving.  Neither Gary or I had been to Galveston in ages, so we thought we'd try it out! 

We stayed at the San Luis Resort.  

This is the beach view while at the swimming pool.

We were all so thrilled to stick our toes in the sand.  

This was our first trip to the beach for both kids!

I just love this beach/pool view from our balcony.

Sunday night we had a wonderfully delicious meal of seafood.  I was in heaven.

The shrimp taquito was one of the best things I have ever eaten.  I couldn't believe it tasted so good.  I dipped it into guacamole. I also had crab stuffed shrimp and also grilled and fried shrimp.  Oh my!  I love seafood.

The remainder of our days spent in Galveston were stuffed full of beach trips and pool trips. 

The kids ran and played for hours and hours.  It was so much fun!

Layla and I spent hours digging for clams and looking for seashells.

Hayden was so happy to just play with his monster trucks in the tracks he created in the sand.

At first the kids weren't really interested in going out into the water.  I wasn't either.  The sea weed gives the me heebie jeebies.  It was all over the beach and I wasn't a fan, but we just made the best of it.

I'm not sure what was going on in these pictures, but it was funny looking back on the pictures.  Hayden seems a bit "put out" with Layla.


The four of us dined at the Rainforest Cafe one evening.  It was really a fun experience, but the food was less than impressive.  Next time I think we will just go for dessert.  The kids LOVED it though.  They giggled every time it 'rained' on them.

Their faces are priceless in this picture!  So sweet.  They were thrilled to be hanging with the froggy!

The pool at the resort was amazing.

The water slide was by far the best part of the pool.

Can you see the smile on Layla's face? 

This giant splash was Gary.

And this is me!  I'm screaming and holding my nose.  It was the fastest slide ever.  
Oh my gosh it was so fun!

Layla is our little fish.  I think Hayden did great in the swimming pool, but he'd rather be playing in the sand at the beach.

All in all we had a wonderful trip.  The kids were amazing travelers.  They did awesome in the car.  They also did great staying up late.  I think they are born travelers and we are ready for another trip!

silly man
sassy lady

The only thing that would have made the trip better was if Daisy could have made the trip.  But she had fun here at home with the pet sitter.

I had a wonderful birthday celebrating on the beach!


Red Stethoscope said...

This looks like such an amazing trip! What a perfect way to celebrate your b-day!

(P.S.- I feel the exact same way about Rainforest Cafe! Cool ambiance...overrated food...great for kids.)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

haha! girl you cracked me up with the nose holding

looks like a fantastic trip
we want to go but the drive time is what holds me back

my dads has a house there too...hes there every weekend but even free room doesn't entice the drive with all my kids. we can barely go down the road and someone is touching someone... i need a 15 passenger van

Kelli said...

That looks like a fantastic time!!!! I love the pic of you holding your nose :) That taquito looks amazing...seafood and Mexican together...yum! Glad you all were able to get away and enjoy some great family time.

Traci said...

What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! That slide looks like sooo much fun!

the underhill's said...

So glad you all had fun! It may not be the prettiest beach, but we always have fun when we go!! Great pictures! Did you get to go on the ferry?? That and the dolphin boat ride were Jake's favorite when we went last year.

Katie said...

Such fun pictures! It looks like it was a wonderful trip!!

Carrie said...

Those are great pictures! What a fun birthday! I love the slide pics! Haha! Glad you had a great memorable little getaway!!