Thursday, June 28, 2012

thursday thoughts

This week has been lower key for us.  Thankfully!  

Tonight I am just full of randomness.  Gary is watching golf and I am thinking about starting a new book.  I am really trying to read more.  I have a huge list of books in the notes section of my phone.  That list is getting longer, so I need to get to reading.

I scratched Hayden's back tonight before bed for about 10 minutes or so.  My arm went numb, but I really wanted him to relax.  He loves to have his back scratched.  I wish I could have someone scratch my back every night before bed.

I cleaned the house this morning and it was a hot task.  Let me just say ... I'm not going to post all summer long about how hot it is, because I have seen about 4,569 post about the heat.  BUT dang it's hot.   I feel bad for Gary.  He has to mow the lawn.  I feel like I have it easy because I'd pass out if I were a landscaper.

I gave Daisy Mae a bath earlier.  She is a wild pup after a bath.  She was running and slamming into the furniture like a possessed heathen.  She runs from me when she sees her shampoo bottle.  She is terrified of her bath, but I think she feels great after she is wet and clean.  She would be so embarrassed if she new I posted this picture of her.  She looks so pathetic!

Layla developed some weird rash yesterday.  It bothered her more yesterday, than today.  She soaked in a nice long Epsom salt bath and I think that made her better.  We avoided hot sweaty activities today in hopes that it gets better.  I didn't want to take her to the pool if that is what caused the rash.  I also can't imagine putting sunscreen on an itchy rash.  Hopefully she will be all better tomorrow.

While Layla was soaking in the tub Hayden played trucks on my bed.  He was having the best time driving them off the 'cliff.'  He was laughing and jumping around and I was so worried he would fall off the bed.  I do love that he plays so well by himself. 

That concludes the randomness I have for tonight!

Sleep well!

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Traci said...

I hope Layla's rash is better soon. It's not fun to itch.