Thursday, October 25, 2012

boxes boxes and more boxes

A little cold front just came through our area and it feel amazing outside.  Earlier today it was around 75 degrees and humid.  Now it is a glorious 63 degrees and breezy.  

The kids are outside playing in the fall air.  They really don't have a choice because I have pretty much packed away almost all of their toys.  It's either watch TV or play Wii and thankfully they prefer the backyard.  I am sitting here in my polka dot chair with the windows open listening to their jibber jabber.  The only thing that would make this moment more perfect is if I had a cup of coffee, but all I have is regular coffee.  I'm finally getting good sleep again at night, so I don't wanna risk a caffeine high messing that up. 

This is pretty much what our house looks like right now.  The kids playroom has been overtaken with boxes.  Our home office is full of boxes.  My bedroom has lots of boxes in it too.  I'm seeing all my hard work paying off as the house gets more empty and the boxes are multiplying.  Every day is a day closer to our move!!  Eeeiikkkk!  It's all just so bittersweet!

Hayden has been such a good boy these last few days.  We haven't gotten out to do much like we usually do during the week.  He doesn't seem to mind and as you can see he is really good about creating his own fun.  I don't think jumping from boxes to bean bags is all that safe, but I have to give Spiderman points for creativity!  


Red Stethoscope said...

The Spiderman picture is the best! Good luck with the move...I don't envy you! My own move (3 months ago) is still too fresh for me to forget all of the labor that goes into packing and unpacking. Speaking of the unpacking, did I mention that I put my bed on risers, so that I could shove the unpacked boxes underneath the bed? Umm...yeah.

Traci said...

Supposedly we have a cold front coming through tonight. It's going to be 40 in the morning! Or so they say. Happy packing!

Unknown said...

That Spiderman picture is so stinkin' cute!! Definitely a keeper.
And it looks like you guys are making great progress.
What day is your exact moving day?