Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yogurt and shoes

The kids both had school today and I got some much needed alone time!  I had lunch with an old friend and it was amazing to spend time with her.  I miss my old work friends and I am so thankful I still get to see them every once in awhile.  

When I picked the kids up from school they begged for frozen yogurt and I thought it sounded great!  We had the best little date!

Layla just loves her little bro...can you tell? 

Cute heels huh??

After we ate our yogurt we decided to do a little shoe shopping.  Layla needed boots for our move to Ohio.  She picked out a really cute grey pair and also fell in love with a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of flats too.  She is just like me when it comes to making choices, but today she was all over what she wanted.  I took full advantage of her picking out her own stuff.  I'm so happy for her!  She also requested that we get her a pair of skinny jeans.  That SHOCKED me like whooaaa!  She was anti-skinny jeans for months.  She tried on a pair and loved them, so we got them.  She wanted a red pair of skinnies, but they didn't have her size.  I'm thinking I'll order them online for her.  She needs jeans and finally likes them, so I'm thinking I need to get her fixed up!

I can't believe how sassy she looks in this fedora.  I wouldn't let her get it, but I may have to go back and surprise her with it.  She looks precious!

She is very proud of her new cross-body bag.  She insisted she needs it for our upcoming move to Ohio.  "It will keep my things much more organized while we travel."  

I had the best time shopping with the kids this afternoon.  It was a really pleasant afternoon and the kids were great.  Sometimes after school they are really tired and grouchy.  I was a little worried shopping may lead to a few fits, but they surprised me. 

I think we are all relieved because Gary found us a HOUSE in OHIO!  Knowing we are moving soon has changed ALL of our attitudes.  We are so excited about it.  We are ready to start a new adventure in our new town.  We can't wait too see Gary more often.  Now ... if our house would sell.  We were going to live here in Texas until it sold, but it's just so hard to not be together as a family every day.  It seems like it took forever to find the perfect house for us in Ohio.  It was stressful.  I finally stopped stressing out about it and we found a house the next day.  Hopefully if I stop worrying about selling our house, it will sell.

Don't forget to bid on the silent auction goodies I posted!  


Katie said...

Aww so sweet them loving on each other! I want red skinnies for Abby too! Where did you find them?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she's so sassy!! i love it!

Jillian said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! She is turning into such a little lady!

Traci said...

That little chick has good taste! I want a pair of red skinnies too! You must go back & get the fedora. It's ADORBS!!!