Monday, October 1, 2012

A few things we are digging

Over the hot summer months Hayden forgot all about jackets and jeans.  Now that the weather is turning colder he is obsessed with his jeans and jean jacket.  I'm not sure what the gang signs are he is displaying in the pictures above.  I'm just the photographer.

Layla loves to jump rope.  She has gotten really good at it.  She digs it!

This past weekend it rained the whole weekend, so we enjoyed some indoor activities we didn't do over the hot summer when we were at the pool or on the lake.

We made Play-doh animals and ice cream treats.

We colored!

And we jumped more rope!

I am breaking my arm to pat myself on the back right now.  I built this Lego monster truck.  It was tedious, but fun.  Hayden loved playing with it and I begged him to leave it in tact for longer than one hour.  It took me sweet forever to build it., but it really was fun.  I love to follow instructions step by step.  I think that is one reason I love cooking.  I love following recipes.

Our weekend was all about Legos, Play-doh, coloring, jumping rope and changing clothes 435 times.  So .... what are you digging lately? 

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