Thursday, October 18, 2012

thoughts on thursday

I'm excited to share a glance of our new house!  I can't wait to get to Ohio and get unpacked.
I am packing and cleaning and throwing away junk this week.  My plan is to just go ahead and pack everything in our house except the kitchen.  We will have the movers pack the kitchen and load the truck.  I have so many kitchen gadgets and several sets of dishes.  I'm thrilled to have my kitchen packed by someone other than me.

Hayden has been my little packing helper.  In this picture he helped me unload the load of laundry [from the dryer] while using his curtain rod crutches.  You know, unloading laundry made him injure his leg.  He had to use his crutches all day long.  As you all know, the imagination of a 4 year old is amazing!

Daisy Mae is my little puppy dog side kick.  She isn't really sure about what is going on with the move, but she is right in the middle of everything.  She has been sniffing boxes and chasing dust bunnies as I clean.  Every day for months she has been riding with Hayden and I to drop Layla off at school and pick her up too.  Every day she just gazes out the window as the kids leave the school yard.  I finally captured a sweet picture of her watching school dismissal.  Sweet pup!  I hope she will decide to like sweaters, otherwise she will freeze to death in Ohio.  I have some cute outfits for her, but she seems to hate them. When we dress her up she freezes as if she is paralyzed.  She isn't a fan of clothing. She is one silly pup, but I am so thankful for her.  

I am thankful for a feeling of peace in my life right now.  I know my house hasn't sold and that is wearing on me, but I'm at a place where I am good with it.  What will be will be.  The most important thing to me is moving and getting my people into a somewhat normal routine again once we are there.  We are normal now, but having a more present daddy will make life more whole again.  

Daisy Mae has no idea, but the school is a block from our house in Ohio.  She won't be riding with us to school for drop off anymore.  She will have to walk on a leash with me to drop Layla off.  See what I mean about the sweaters and puppy dog coats?  She will freeze her fanny off if she doesn't get over her dislike of puppy dog apparel.


Katie said...

Ooh, I love that little sneak peek of your new house! Can't wait to see more! Continuing to pray for you, sweet friend!

Traci said...

It looks pretty! Congrats on finding it!