Thursday, October 11, 2012

new glasses

Hayden and I met my aunt today for lunch.  It was so good to see her because he haven't seen her in forever!  We had salads at Zoe's Kitchen and then did a little shopping.  Claire's is right next door so we decided to go in and look around.

We found these funny glasses and they are just so goofy.  We love them!

The kids have had so much fun playing with them this afternoon. Hayden changes clothes 400 times a day, so the glasses give him a nice option for another look! ;) 

I was trying on all the fun specs too.  Claire's is such a fun store.  I seriously could spend all day in there looking at all the fun jewelry   They also have cute accessories   I had no clue they have leg warmers.  Layla and I need to visit Claire's again soon!

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