Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas day!  We all stayed in our pajamas all day long and before we went to bed we changed into clean pajamas.  It was so fun for the kids to be here and play with their new toys all day long.  We got 3 new Wii games and so Gary and I had fun too.  I love playing games as a family, but they usually laugh at me because I get so mad when I lose.

Here are the kiddos right before we headed downstairs for the day.

I just love seeing their happy faces....

until they get downstairs and see their gifts.


The boy was SO mad until he heard the guitar being played.  Then we was good with it and hasn't set it down since!

Layla was thrilled with her Furby.  I named it Snowflake.  She still calls it Furby.

Hayden loves his rockin' cool guitar.

Layla got a bear-ish looking animal.  It's an inkoo and you can color it and the ink is washable.  She has colored it twice and I have washed it twice.  It really is cool.  She loves this thing.  She loves it even more that she can change it's look.

Layla is showing Hayden how his laptop works.

Hayden loves all his gifts, but LOVES his wallet with attached chain.

He the wallet/chain concept a Disney Channel show and has been asking for one for weeks.  It is the cutest thing when he asks me to hook it to his pajamas.  haha!  He makes me laugh.

Layla was an awesome helper in the kitchen.

We made monkey bread.  It was a great Christmas Day breakfast served with eggs and bacon.

Gary surprised me with a new Keurig!  We have a regular coffee maker, but I have been asking for a Keurig for months.  We had Christmas coffee all day long!

I'm sorta thankful for a fun day of playing with toys and video games.  I am feeling terrible and can't seem to kick this cold.  I'm hoping I'll feel better soon!

Merry Christmas!!

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Traci said...

I LOVE my Keurig! The pics are cute. That chain wallet has me dying laughing!! Too funny!