Thursday, December 6, 2012

just one of those days

Today was one of those days where I was bummed out by noon and ready to call it a day.  Our heater was producing a weird smell.  It the same smell we have smelled before and it comes from Layla's room.  It was almost like a smoky smell, so I was paranoid it was some sort of electrical issue.  This funky smell plus some other extended-family issues had me in a tizzy.  

After I took Hayden to school at 12:30 I decided to grab a few things at the grocery store.  I knew I would somehow turn my frown upside down.  I got all my goodies and headed for the check out line.  While I was checking out I questioned the cashier about a price and she almost bit my head off.  I said, "Well, I am new here and I didn't understand!"  RUDE lady.  Any other day and I would have blown her off, but since my day was already bad she rubbed me the wrong way.  Instead of telling her what I thought I tucked my chin to my chest and dashed to the car.

I had to mail a letter so I headed to the post office.  It was my first time to visit the post office here, so I had a bit of a hard time finding it.  Once I got there I parked and opened my door and a van drove by me at lightning fast speed.   He then had the nerve to honk at me.  Really?!  What in the world.  All I did was get out of my car.  He needed to watch out!!  Don't mess with this cranky lady today mister.

When I burned my hand on the oven wrack and dropped an egg while mixing up cheesecake I just laughed it off.  I just knew things would continue to be wonky.  It was just how the day played out.  Hayden and Layla both told me during dinner that they too had bad days today.  I think they were just trying to make me feel better.  It worked, but I don't really think their days were bad.

I think bad days are good sometimes.  I don't really think I have that many bad days, but bad days remind me of how good I usually have it.  This bad day ended with a good dessert.  I have been thinking about making a cheesecake for a few weeks.  Today was the day!  I made a delicious cheesecake and the kids and I each had a piece after dinner.  It made our bad day much better!  I may have another piece while I watch Grey's tonight!

Cheesecake is the cure all for me! :)


Katie said...

Sorry you had a bad day :( cheesecake does sound like a good way to make the day better.

Kelli said...

I'm glad you were able to end your day with some good cheesecake!!!

Traci said...

I hate days like that! Cheesecake is one of my faves too!