Monday, December 3, 2012

monday night randoms

Gary and the kids made pancakes Sunday and there are leftovers.

Leftover pancakes are the bomb.  The kids love anything with syrup.  I am with them.  Syrup is so good, but I like the butter flavored syrups.  Everything is better with butter flavor added.  Mmmmm!  I love a good waffle too.  Random.

This is a nativity set that I absolutely love.  I'd really like to get a more current nativity for the kids, but I just love this one that my grandma gave me years ago.  There are some things I am super sentimental about and this is one of them.

Daisy Mae is lazy.  She is a bit bored without a giant backyard to play in.  She does have a new BFF next door.  They have a golden retriever and she runs and plays with her every day.  But Daisy really has a nice and easy life! ;)  Super Random.

Our house is 2 story and there is no way Gary was gonna climb on the roof like he did in Texas.  So ... this is it for our outdoor decor for this year.   We have an outdoor tree and our tree inside peeks out the front windows.   I need to snap a shot during the day so you can see the cute bows.  Anyway,  It's fun and festive for this year.

I wonder where we will be next year? 


Kelli said...

My kids would love those pancakes!! I love when you can see trees through the front beautiful.

Traci said...

I have the same nativity!! My mom had it for years & I took it. Love it!