Thursday, December 13, 2012

getting into the season

Layla was so excited to wear her Christmas earrings to school.  She had her outfit perfectly planned out and was ready to go this morning.  She got a new coat and she planned to wear it with her blue skinny jeans because it would match better than her blue coat.  She thought the blues would clash! 

I love the excitement in the kids eyes when they talk about Christmas.  We are counting down the days until Jesus' birthday.  The kids are excited about presents under the tree on Christmas morning, but we never lose sight of the real reason for the season.  I think we have a great balance of Santa and Jesus.

When I saw Hayden walk out the door to meet me after preschool my heart was so full.  He was so proud of his Rudolph 'get up.'  He is too cute and his little personality was so sweet.  He LOVES getting into this fun time of year.

I can't wait until we see Layla sing in her choir program.  Hayden is very excited about all the Christmas activities coming up too.  It is the most wonderful time of the year indeed!!!!

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