Sunday, December 30, 2012

fun in the snow!

We had a fun Sunday.  We were invited to the farm owned by Gary's boss.  

We sledded and drank hot chocolate and ate chili.  

We were surrounded by really fun friends!  The kids are sleeping good tonight for sure.  They drug their sleds up and down the hill a million times.  

I think walking up and down this hill was the best exercise ever!!

They rode on a sled pulled behind a Honda Atv and we laughed as we brushed snow from our eyes.  Every time we turned a corner I squealed like a school girl.  Layla and I laughed so hard at one point we both forgot to hold onto the handles.  We almost flew off into the mounds of snow!

 I know the kids will never forget this day.  It was so fun!


Lauren said...

What fun memories!!!!! :)

Traci said...

That looks so fun!!!