Tuesday, December 11, 2012

locked out

This my friends is a picture of a man breaking into my house yesterday.

Don't worry.  I paid him to do it. 

It was about 12:20 and I was getting Hayden all ready for school.  It was pouring down rain so I made sure we had the umbrella, his backpack, our coats and my purse and grocery list.  (I was heading to the store while Hayden was at school.)   We were leaving out the back door because since it was raining I was going to drive him to school.  When it isn't raining we usually walk to school because it is so close.  Good thing it is close, because I had to walk him in the cold rain. I locked my keys in the house when we headed out the door to the garage.  GAhhhhh!  I couldn't drive the Jeep with no keys and I couldn't open the door to the house.  The only thing I could think to do was go ahead and walk Hayden to school and then come back home and deal with the mess I made.

I managed to get Hayden to school safely.  We had to dry him with paper towels in the bathroom.  He was as wet as a duck.  I was wet too.  The boots I was wearing were horrible for walking in the rain.  My feet were freezing and my socks were soaking wet.  Next on my shopping list....snow boots or rain boots.  I called a locksmith from the church foyer and by the time I walked back home the man drove up to the house.

After a few tries he had my door unlocked and was asking for $42.80.  

You know what I learned... 

a.) hide a key.  

b.) get rain boots or snow boots soon. cold, wet feet aren't fun. 
c.) living in a small town has it perks.  the locksmith was ultra speedy! 


Katie said...

That stinks! I've locked myself out a couple times and had to crawl in through a (luckily) unlocked window in our backyard.

Miranda @ thehouserhouseblog.com said...

Rob locked our friend's keys in her suburban at our house. We had to call the locksmith. It was like 16 year old kid that came out and was able to "break into" the car in about 2 seconds. Kind of scary! Fun thing to do with $66 :/