Monday, May 10, 2010

tantrum anyone?

It is a happy Monday morning here in Just Shy of a Y land!
Daddy rose up super duper early and headed to the job site.
Hayden woke up crying and throwing a fit.
Layla woke up shooshing her brother. She thinks he's loud. "Mommy, I could have slept late, but he's loud!!"
And I woke up to early!

As I am typing this Hayden is still mad.

I did my morning thing, opened the blinds, made the beds, got coffee and milk for the kids. Well, coffee for me and milk for the kids. {no wonder he's throwing fits, he's all coffeed up...heehee!} And when Hayden took a sip and it didn't have strawberry flavoring in it...yep, even madder. He followed me all around the house pulling on my pants, crying. For no reason it seems.

I mentally went through the checklist on what could be wrong? Um yea....NOTHING!! An almost two year old Tantrum. He has been doing this for the past week or so every stinkin' day. I was worried he was sick with all the sickness going around. I have decided it is just a plain ol temper tantrum. So I strapped him into his booster seat in the kitchen with his plain old blah blah milk and stepped into the office for some therapy.

Typing and venting...thankyouverymuch!

See, isn't this face much better?!

It really is a happy Monday!
I had a great weekend; I took lots of food pictures.
I can't wait to share some soon!

So how do/did your kids throw fits?

What do/did you do to end the fits?


Emily said...

Oh, that mad face is so cute!

Kelli said...

My Caleb is the King of fits and still has them. I just have him sit and calm himself down because he can get so worked up that you can't even talk to him. Glad to see Hayden is smiling now!

Ruth said...

We have 5 girls, so lots of hormones and lots of fits. We tend to ignore them, however, when they are young and tell them we will deal with them when they want to talk to us in their regular tone of voice. The older girls are sent to their rooms if it gets to bad, they are usually over tired when they are throwing fits.

Kelli W said...

Eli has been doing the exact same thing lately! Being whiney and pulling on my pants...and nothing seems to make him happy sometimes! I think part of his unhappiness was teething, and that is finally starting to clear up a little! I hope the day gets a gets better! I know it is no fun with a not happy almost 2 year old!

Heather said...

hope your day gets better! What I've learned is that it is a phase and it will pass soon, but I have to be consistent with my actions, discipline everytime, not just some of the time! hang in there!!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

that photo of him was awesome...esp her face in the almost looks smirky!

i think when we have bad starts to 'our day' we should have do overs right?

i'm still holding out for dinner at Chuy's soon!

Meant to be a mom said...

Sorry to hear about the crazy wild fit. Hopefully he will stop that soon.
I hope you had a good mothers day though minus the screaming kiddo. :)
I do love that first pic. So funny.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Both my kids had their moments. I made it clear their behavior was not accepted but sometimes they just had to go to their rooms and cry it out. Good luck!

Unknown said...

i totally know where you are at!!!!

hang in there friend :o)

Heather said...

I completely understand with the tantrum thing. My daughter throws them all the time! She's turning two in 2 months. Hopefully it will get better. I'm trying to be patient.

Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day! You deserve it.

beckylbranch said... know Connor throws fits, but I just don't know WHAT to do with him! He has the highest pitch squeal and Terence started calling him Maria Carey. I guess sometimes they just gotta let it out! I hope you had a fabulous mother's day! <3 Becky

shortmama said...

Ugh my Layla has been having tantrums almost daily lately too. She screams and cries and sometimes will even throw herself on the ground. I just ignore her until she quits