Saturday, May 29, 2010

a week ago today

we attended the Grapevine Main Street Outdoor Adventure.

We watched BMX riders do amazing stunts.

 We saw several tall people.

And actually got to meet one of them...

We saw eteremly large BBQ pits!

Layla enjoyed her first snow cone of the season, and Hayden had his first snow cone EVER!

We snacked on cotton candy too.

We got some super red cheeks...what a hot day in May!

We sat on the street curb and visited with Aunt Suzie.

Layla rode germ catchers fun rides.

She looks cute in that BUG!

Daddy rode on the slide with Layla. They had fun!

We stopped and posed for some pictures...of course.

We wore brand new sandals and got a blister.

So we put a kiss sticker on it!

And kicked back in HC's stroller for a break!

We had a fun time and will go back to Grapevine for more fun times :)


Unknown said...

what a fun time =)

you look great in that pic!
so skinny!!!

Unknown said...

That looked like SUCH a fun day... and I love that cute little kiss band-aid. Adorable :)

Kelli said...

Ooh, I love events like that. Looks like such a fun time...especially the snow cones...yum!

Emily said...

Is this Grapevine near Dallas? I have a close friend who's in Lewisville...we went to Grapevine when I visited a few years ago.
And I LOVE the earrings you were wearing!