Monday, May 17, 2010

things i like about my new phone

I recently got a new phone. I tweeted about getting a new phone and wasn't sure about what to get, but I ended up getting an iPhone.
If you are in the market for a new phone think about getting an iPhone.
My phone bill when up about $15.00 a month, but to me it is so very worth it!

Gary wanted me to see myself as he sees me...on the phone!

I love all the things I can do with my phone.

The phone has an iPod, contact list, a calendar, camera, and photo storage.
It also has the basic calculator, and clock.
I can check my email anytime.
I have enjoyed using the map and weather apps that come with the phone itself.
I have also really enjoyed the 'notes'.
I can make my grocery list and don't forget it at home.
I am so bad about losing my list in the grocery store. Not anymore :)

I downloaded several apps and I will tell you about a few.

love it, I can check Facebook anytime.

all about twitter, and I love to tweet.

Direct TV...
I can record shows on the go or check to see what shows are on and if they are reruns or new episodes.

I can get to my Reader, Calendar and photos by using this app.

This recipe spinner is awesome.
I can't tell you the number of times I have used this app for dinner ideas.

Yahoo Messenger...
I can visit with my Auntie or anyone else that has messenger.

Cookie Doodle...
This app is all about Layla. She loves it! She can create and decorate cookies. If she is bored in the car or grocery store she'll ask me to play 'cookie'.

Layla playing 'cookie' in the travel trailer

Big Oven...
Yet another food app. I got a fabulous mahi mahi recipe from using this app.

My banks app...
I'm not gonna list which one. Someone may try to steal my millions! HA! It is really nice to have an app for banking though. I can check my account balance or transfer money so easy!

I absolutely love this app!! It is like a pedometer. I use an armband and take my phone with me while walking. It records all my workouts! I really think this may be my favorite for sure.
Thanks for that Jenn w/ 2 n's!!!

It is just a fun app that has tons of emotiocons. I just downloaded it today.

Barnes&Noble E reader...
I am able to read any eBooks I have purchase. I don't even have to remember to grab a book.
If I have my phone I can read!

Weight Watchers...
I can log my points anytime any place. I can even check point values for foods on the go before I eat them.

So those are a few things I like...tell me more. I learn new things about my phone every day!

Do you have an iPhone?
Do you just love it?

Tell me about apps you like.

I'm always looking for more apps! HA!


Kelli W said...

I am still using a sad old phone, but I am going to upgrade in a few weeks! I don't think I can get the iphone with my carrier, but they have the HTC Hero which I think is similar to the iphone. I have no idea have apps work, so I guess I know who to email when I need help:)

Melody said...

iPhones rock!
Apps I love...Shazam, Weather Channel, Color Splash, Red Laser, PSMobile (photoshop), Doodle Buddy (kids), Cheap Gas!, Diner Dash

You should play Words With Friends with me!

user name is melodyfikk look AWESOME!!!


shortmama said...

No iphone for me, just a piddly Blackberry lol

Lacey said...

If someone told me I couldn't have my iPhone anymore - I'd cry - like, straight up CRY! It's hard to imagine life without it. I'm such a slave to it because of all the things it offers.

You pretty much have all of my favorites but I really love Wikipanion &

Yay for you!

Heather said...

Girl, you look great!! I'm so glad you are liking your new phone! I need one of these! So glad you can do all these things from your phone! FUN!!

Katie said...

I love my iphone as well!

Grocery iQ is great for a grocery list - you can organize it by isle, enter prices and you know how much you are spending by the time you get to the check-out, and check off as you get everything you need - much easier than using notes to make the list.

alexis nicole said...

I'm so jealous! ;) We are with Verizon and they don't make i phones. My sis has one and she loves it. Enjoy your new phone!

carissa said...

i want one!!!

Kelli said...

One day I'll have an iPhone, probably be out of style by then. I love it! Enjoy!!!

Stephanie Wilson said...

I don't know what I would do without my iphone! We use alot of the same apps, but one you didn't list is Urbanspoon. Its great, especially if your in a town you aren't familiar with!