Monday, May 3, 2010

field trip day

This little princess has a special day ahead!  

We are going on another field trip with her preschool class :)

This little man is of course along for the ride.  It might be quite the ride today.  
He has shown {pointed at} me his mouth several times this morning.  
He is teething...I'm thinking 2 year molars?  
Bless his heart.  
Hopefully he will be so busy having fun he won't remember his little mouth is hurting!

Happy Monday!!


VKT said...

Dear Angie,

I hope you all have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures. My students always love when a little brother or sister come along.


jules said...

Have fun on your field trip...where you going?

Lacey said...

ooohhhh, field trips are always SO much fun!!

When I first decided to be a stay at home mom, I started with plans to return to teaching as soon as my youngest [whoever that is] starts school, but I'm starting to think that won't happen. I want to be available for days like this - and book drives - and pretty much anything parent volunteers are needed.

I hope you guys have a great day! I hope you'll have pictures to share. ;)

carissa said...

happy field trip day!!! what a great way to spend a monday!

Kelli W said...

Have fun! I'm alittle jealous that Hayden gets to tag along...under siblings aren't allowed to come on field trips at our schools. Poor Hayden and his teeth. I think Eli has had some teeth coming in too, because he hasn't been sleeping weel the past week or so.

Kelli said...

Have a great day. I love Miss Layla's skirt! I hope Hayden feels better soon...poor guy :(

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

I hope you have so much fun! I have gone on what seems like a million field trips with kids as the teacher but I can't wait to go as a parent!

Shayla said...

Where are yall off to???

I went with 1st grade to the zoo on friday...and im stillll tired!!!

Unknown said...

So fun!!
Your kids are just gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Have a great time on the feildtrip! I used to love taking my preschool class when I taught on feildtrips. They were always so excited!!

Jenny said...

Hope you guys have a great day on the field trip!

2 year molors...hope he gets through those with ease!

Unknown said...

hope you and those adorable kiddos have a fun day!!

praying those molars don't bother him too bad.

Laura said...

Hope it went well!

Lauren said...

Ahh, those were the days. Used to love me a good field.

Hope the poor guy gets to feeling better!!