Monday, June 14, 2010

miscellany monday

It is so hot here in Texas already!  I can't imagine how hot it will be in August.  Whew. BUT after the freezing cold winter we had, I won't complain.  In August maybe but not now.  I am so thankful.

I went on a cleaning frenzy this past weekend.  I cleaned out our fridge.  It wasn't that dirty.  I am really particular about my fridge.  I don't leave leftovers in there for very long, but I needed to wipe down the shelves and drawers.  I also did the freezer.  I'm not a big fan of freezing lots of foods.  I don't pre cook stuff and thaw and eat later.  So, my freezer isn't overloaded...I didn't think.  I threw away some chocolate candy left over from Easter.  Just chocolate bunnies that we thought we'd eat later.  Well apparently they were blocking something or another and causing the water line to freeze.  We haven't been able to use the water dispenser on the door of the fridge for months.  The ice yes, water no!  But now it works!  Yehawww!  I just saved us $80!  I also cleaned the junk drawer and pantry.  I was a woman on a mission.

I took this picture with my iPhone so it isn't the best quality, but HA!  It is hysterical. 
And whatever Layla is doing in the background?!  I'll never know. 
Hayden loves kool-ade!  I don't serve it very often, but the kids get so bored with water and milk, so I decided to splurge and let them have some.  I also put some in Popsicle freezer thingies.  YUM! 

These bad boys ($1.00 @ Albertsons) are filled with lemon aid. 
The kids love them :)

We had these on Saturday night!  Holy Moley they were so good. 
 It's squash, zucchini, onions & red/orange/yellow peppers.  I love it when Gary grills the entire meal. 
 All I have to do is prep and clean up.  He cooks and I hang with the kids.  Win Win!

I love this pup and his sister, but they are shedding like crazy. 
 I don't know know what I'm gonna do, other than vacuum fourteen times a day.

And lastly.

  I have been staying up late lately.  I am normally in bed at 10:00pm barely able to keep my eyes open.  I am so proud that I am staying up a tad later.  Yay me.  I'm going to save a cup of coffee for a 3pm cold coffee drink though.  I get a tad drowsy around then.  I'll have to share my cold coffee recipe soon.

So how is that for miscellany? 

So fun...I'm linking up with visit her {to see pics of her new pumpkin} and link up too!

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Elaine said...

Do you have a Furminator for your pooches. it is an fairly expensive comb, but it removes ALOT of hair. I you do it often you won't have to vacuum 15 times a day...maybe only 4, but then you may be spending all your time furminating. They sell them at Petsmart.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same exact way about my fridge and leftovers! We too have some chocolate bunnies in the fridge that have yet to be eaten and most likely will be tossed. I love the pic of your son...too cute and love the Red Sox hat!!! Enjoy your HOT summer.

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

I think we still have some Halloween candy in our freezer. I just throw stuff in there -- it's the puragatory for food.

Love your son. He's adorable!!

Kelli said...

I love Gary jumping into the pool...classic! Look at you on a mission cleaning out everything and saving on repairs. I remember those Popsicle freezer thingies. My mom had some when I was little. Enjoy your Monday!

Heather said...

I will probably be complaining about hot it is in August too! Love your mis. Monday, those popsicles and veggies look yum!!

carissa said...

thanks so much for joining in! i love to have you! the lemonade popsicles sound so refreshing! and easy = huge bonus! i love grilled anything! those veggies look fab! love the pic of your kiddies having fun in the yard. oh, having a clean fridge is an awesome feeling. my mom cleaned mine out while we were at the hospital having our little gal - i was thrilled! have a lovely day!

Dorcas said...

Love the pic of your son~ Way cute. That dish looks delish! I love zucchini! One of my favorite veggies!

Thanks for sharing your randomness!


LeAnna said...

LOVE the pic of your little guy, from the thumbnail on my feeder it looked like he had those fake lip things in his mouth, lol!

Your grilled veggies look so good, too. Oh man, nothing beats grilled squash and onions. Mmm.

Ivy said...

Want to come clean my fridge? I am waiting for my nesting to kick in....but it's not here yet AT ALL!!

Unknown said...

Ahhhhhh that picture of the little man is SPECTACULAR!!!! hahaha I love it!
And that food looks SO good too. Hey, how did that breakfast casserole turn out? I was thinking about that because IT looked so good.
Chef-boy-r-Angie ;)

I have said it before but I'll say it again - super jealous of the heat!!!

Enjoy your summer my friend!

Cole Franke said...

That picture is ADORABLE! Such a lovely blog. :)
Cole visiting from

Anonymous said...

Good for you doing your spring cleaning! I have to say I feel so much better when my house is clean and organized. I love when Christian grills too! Those veggies look yummo.

shortmama said...

Ive been on a cleaning spree lately too!

We have those same ice pop makers plus another set that is square. Another thing to freeze in them is buy sugar free sno-cone syrup and fill it half with the syrup and half with water, stir it up and freeze. So good!

Krissy said...

We just have a basic fridge with no water or ice. I wish we did, though. It would be a lot better than going through the trouble of making ice cubes in the freezer!! :)

I got your link from Monday Miscellany! I'm now following you and hope you can stop by my blog and read my Monday Miscellany too!

Kelli W said...

I hate to clean my fridge...and it could really use it right now! i love the pic of Hayden:) We have some fun popsicle molds like that too that my kiddos love. I haven't pulled them out yet this summer....maybe one day this week!