Thursday, December 29, 2011

a day at the park

The weather here in Texas has been amazing!  We have had a few unseasonably warm days and it has been wonderful.  We are outdoor people and so winter can get hard for us.  We all get cabin fever closed up in the house when it is cold and rainy.   

I am thankful I live in Texas.  If we had tons of snow on the ground for months on end I'd go nuts.  
Gary and I lived in Michigan for about 6 months BK. {before kids}  I almost did go nuts.  So THAT is why I am thankful for living here!

To say we have loved this weather is an understatement.

A good friend of mine told me about a fun park near our house and I'd never heard of it.  We decided to visit that park today.  At the entrance of the park there is a windmill and this old truck. 

It is a photographers dream spot for family pictures!
See the old barn the truck is in and,there was an outhouse.  We had a fun time explaining that to the kids.  Layla was grossed out!  

The kids were little explorers.  They were running around from place to place having tons of fun.

We did a little bit of hiking.  The views were amazing. 

We had a picnic lunch!  The boys had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the girls had turkey and cheese sandwiches.  We also had grapes and cheese puffs.

The kids loved looking at the cactus plants.  We made sure they didn't get to close though.

The sun felt so great beating down on us.  We thought it would be fun to take the T-tops off of the Jeep for the ride home.  It was a so fun to feel the wind blowing through our hair.  Luckily my hair wasn't blowing...I always keep a cap in the Jeep for Layla and I.  Wind is not good for our long hair!  

It's a good thing I had a cap on.  A BIRD POOPED on my HEAD.  YUCK. GROSS. SICK.  
Gotta love nature! Good thing I also keep baby wipes in the Jeep.  I just wiped it right off. 
Can you believe that happened?  The kids got a good laugh out of it.  It made them giggle for hours.

All in all it was a fun day!

Now the kids are tucked into bed and Gary and I are watching the Alamo Bowl.
Sic'Em Bears!!!  Go Baylor.


Katie said...

That looks like a great park! We need to get out and enjoy the weather but my poor kids have been stuck inside while I've been busy going crazy nesting/cleaning post Christmas. Good news is I'm done and this weekend should be lovely to spend outside.

Unknown said...

what a super fun day!!!!!

i am loving that truck and you are right...that is a photogs dream location :o)

Traci said...

How fun! It's 78 here today & Monday the high is only like 50!!!

Heather said...

That park is AMAZING! And yes, as a photographer, it is definitely a dream location! Since I'm in OK we tend to have the same weather as you guys in TX so we are enjoying the warmth as well!
Hope you have a happy new year!