Friday, December 2, 2011

dreaming & thinking

I am sitting here in my quiet, dark living room relaxing from a long but fun Friday.   Friday evenings are hard for us.  The hustle and bustle of the week wears on the entire family.  I am happy to be sitting down in my quiet house on my comfy sofa.  I am sitting here reflecting on all the things I have.  My handsome husband, my adorable kiddos and the hairy dog beasts I love so much.  I sit here tonight wondering how to say what I want to say without seeming greedy.  

We have so much, but I know Gary and I both want more.  We have a nice house with plenty of room for our family.  I think of the future.  I realize I should be satisfied with the home I have, and I am. I love our house.  We are blessed that each kid has a room, we have an office in which Gary works every day.  We have a playroom and a large backyard.  I love our big kitchen and how open it is to the living room. Am I being selfish because I want more?  I do want more.  I want my forever house right now.  We want our house now so that we can pay it off before we retire.

I want the house a few block away that I saw being built.  We saw it, and we looked at it.  We walked through it and Gary and I both fell in love.  We felt the disappointment when the SOLD sign was placed in the yard.  I realized that God had his plan for us and that house.  I was good with it.  God didn't want us to have that house at that time.  As it turned out that was to be someone elses house.

Then a few days ago I saw that the AVAILABLE sign was miraculously back in the yard again.   My heart skipped a beat. I slammed on the brakes and turned the Jeep around. I sped toward the sign in the yard to see the house was truly on the market again.  Is it a sign? Well heck yes it's a sign...a for sale sign.  BUT ....  Are we supposed to pursue that house again?  Do we put our house on the market?  Or am I just being selfish and wanting something more that isn't necessary?  

Tonight I will pray.  Clearly I was okay when I realized that house wouldn't be ours over a month ago.  I will be fine if that is the case again, but it really made me stop and think about our future and where we will be in 5 years.  I know where our goals say we will be.  I know what we want, but God has plans that we don't know about yet.  So, for now I will just sit back and enjoy what I have. I will be thankful for the house we currently live in and the memories we are currently making.  Because when it comes to making a home, the house really doesn't matter.  The people do, and I love my people.  

God will lead the way!


Kelli W said...

That house is gorgeous Angie! I have a dream house that I've wanted to build before we even stared on the one we live in now...but at the time it was too much! Some times I wish we would have just gone ahead and built the bigger one, but yesterday while I was cleaning my {already big enough} house I was wishing we lived in a smaller house {or that I could afford a housekeeper}!

Megan said...

I love your outlook on everything. Pray about it and be patient until you find out whether or not it's what God has in store for you... That's the best way to tackle any situation, especially a decision as important as this one. It is a very beautiful house but no matter what happens, as least you'll take comfort in knowing that you're right where God wants you. :)

Miranda @ said...

DO IT! It's a SIGN. (figuratively and literally even!) Interest rates will never be lower. You will wait five years and buy equally priced house with higher payments because of rates. Or you well get less of a house for your money. Great time to buy! :)

And with it being a new house it will be more efficient which will ultimately save you on bills :)

Do it :) I'll come visit! ha!

Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons said...

I'll be praying for your decision. I know it's a big one!

We just built our dream's not all that big, but it's so perfect for us! But I LOVE it so much!! I am more motivated to keep it clean, decorate it pretty, cook, etc. I think it's because I love it so much!!

Stacy @

Kelli said...

I absolutely understand about wanting the forever house now! I am excited to see what journey God is taking you on with this new development.

Traci said...

I'm playing catch up with my blog reading. What did y'all decide? The house looks great.