Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rice crispy treats

  I can't stay away from the yummy gooey deliciousness of rice crispy treats.  

The packaged kind just don't taste the same in my opinion.

I make mine with 1/2 stick of butter, 1 bag of mini-marshmallows and 8 1/2 cups of rice crispy cereal. 

The first thing I do is grab a super large bowl.  I melt the butter for about 1 minute in the microwave.

Then I toss the marshmallows into the butter.  I microwave them for 45 seconds stir, and then microwave them again for another 45 seconds and stir until fully melted.

The next step is to pour the cereal into the bowl of melted butter and marshmallows.  

Stir them like crazy!

Once the cereal is fully mixed in grab a cookie sheet for thin treats, or a 10 x 13 baking pan for thicker treats.  Your choice!

This is the fun part!

I spray the cookie sheet with cooking spray...

and then I spray my hands too.

This is the only way to not make a huge gummy marshmallow mess. 

Pour the mixture onto the cookie sheet and mash it down using butter spray coated hands!

Just keep mashing and spreading until you get the mound of treats flat.

Do keep an eye out for little fingers that may creep around while preparations are underway.

Looks like someone got a pinch of the good stuff....

Once the treats are all set into the cookie sheet let them rest for about 15 minutes or until they fully cool.


Then cut them as desired.  
This time of year you can add sprinkles in red or green. {add them after you spread them and before they cool} You can even use cookie cutters to make fun Christmas shaped rice crispy treats!

RC treats don't last long in our house!

Now you are going to be craving these all day...I just know you will!


Kelli W said...

They don't last long at our house either:) I just bought all the stuff to make a few batches. I love the picture of the little hand getting a pinch of the good stuff!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

yes they rock...
my mom made them better than me...than i realized why...she uses 2 jars of fluff instead ...STINKIN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Traci said...

You're killing me with all of this baking! I'm TRYING to lose the last of my weight!

Kelli said...

They are so simple and yummy. I also add a splash of vanilla :)

Anonymous said...

How pathetic is it that I have NEVER made Rice Krispie Squares before? I need to jump on that bandwagon and do a batch here pretty quick.
I just saw red, "white" and green rice krispies in store so I am going to pick up some of those and give it a go!