Thursday, December 15, 2011

the elf & cupcakes

We have had our elf...Buddy for YEARS!

Buddy is basically like any other Elf on the Shelf.  He has been reporting to Santa daily for years.  

Every Christmas season after our tree is put up Buddy flies into our world.  He reports daily to Santa from a different place in the house.  Some of his favorite spots to perch are on the microwave in the kitchen, on the mantle in the living room and we have even seen him in the vestibule area sitting on the piano.  He is a friendly little elf and we have loved him for years.

Well last night Hayden was playing with a balloon in the kitchen (someone really should be watching these children) and Buddy fell from a super high place to a super low place...the tile floor.  It was the saddest thing I had ever seen.  Layla was screaming and Hayden felt so bad because his balloon knocked Buddy down.  Gary covered Buddy with a towel and before we knew it Buddy was gone.  It was a sad night.

We received this picture in a text message today.  It said, " I broke my foot and will be on crutches the rest of the Christmas season. I am ok and not mad because it was an accident.  Be good kids and I will return or Santa will send a replacement elf."

We did get a replacement elf today.  The kids are thrilled. Hopefully this little elfie won't break his leg!  We haven't named it yet.  I will keep you posted...teehee!

Early this morning I saw a tweet mentioning that today was National Cupcake day.  I don't know if it is or isn't National Cupcake day, but I certainly was not gonna be left out.  I made cupcakes and the four of us.  We ate our cupcakes and watched Charlie Brown Christmas.

They were so so good!

Tomorrow our Christmas break begins.  Gary is on vacation and Layla is done with school for two whole weeks beginning tomorrow.  Whooo hooo!  We are stoked.

Layla is so excited about her Christmas party at school.  I know it will be a blast. I'm sure I will have a few fun pictures to post tomorrow!


Heather said...

Poor Buddy. I hope he heals fast. Love the crutches. haha!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

lol sweet buddy! great thinking

as for N.cupcake day...i better get started....can't miss a day like this

Kelli said...

I should not laugh but I can only picture the! I love Buddy's text that he sent on crutches.
Um, totally missed National Cupcake Day...maybe I need to make up for that. Where did you get those sprinkles?
Enjoy your vacation at your house :)

Elle Sees said...

omg elf on the shelf terrifies me with his face, but these are actually cute.

Traci said...

Poor Buddy! I love the tweet he sent though!