Friday, December 16, 2011

Layla's 1st grade Christmas party

Layla had a fun time at her 1st grade Christmas party today.

She has the sweetest friends.  I love every single one of them!

The party was a huge success.  The kids did 4 different activities in stations.  They ate cookies, fruit, veggies and cupcakes, made reindeer food, played Christmas bingo, and created a fun bookmark.  The party was really organized and I think it went smooth and the kids had fun.

Oh my...her face is really excited! haha!

Can you hear the squeals just looking at this picture?!?

I tried to get a picture of Layla with frosting on her face, but she moved faster than me!

Christmas party at school = huge success!  We are so blessed to have a great school and great friends!


Tonight we celebrated the beginning of Christmas break by having a pizza picnic in the living room while watching Home Alone.

We moved the ottoman, threw a blanket down on the floor and ate pizza, carrots and ranch dressing on festive paper plates.

They were both so excited saying today was the best day.  Haha!  
Sugar all day long and then pizza for dinner.  I'd say that is pretty fun. 

Hayden was being so sweet to Daisy.  She was begging for a bite of pizza.

I was impressed, Layla ate 3 pieces of pizza and Hayden at 2 1/2 pieces.   They tried root beer for the first time and they didn't like it.  I'll never complain about my kids not liking sodas, but I just knew they would like root beer.  I just hope someday they will drink root beer in a root beer float.  Seriously, if we had vanilla ice cream I would be having one right now.  Yum!

Have a great weekend!

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Traci said...

I don't like root beer either.