Friday, January 13, 2012

another random post

1.  I am so excited!  I got a delivery of new spring Thirty-One catalogs yesterday!!!!!  Let me know if you want one...I can mail you one!  :)  There are so many fun and cute things for spring!  Layla is dying over a new pattern called Flutter.  It is butterflies and it is so stinkin' adorable! 

2.  The mailman hand delivered our mail to the front door yesterday because the catalogs were too large for the box.  Those letters and that package were freezing cold.  It is cold day here again today, but hopefully we will warm up to the 50's later today.  I am sitting right in front of the fire as I type.  I am a tad jealous of a few people tweeting about snow.  I hope we get snow again this year!

3.  My 6 year old address book is old and just plain messy.  I really think I need a new one.  I'm thinking I need another Erin Condren item in my life.  I am really loving my on the go life planner!  I think the address book has a perpetual calendar!  I need!!!  Anyone have an EC addy book?  The picture below is of my life planner!

4. In April we will celebrate 6 years living in this house, our house.  Gasp!  6  years.  That is the longest Gary and I have lived in a house ever.  I am really thinking it is time to change up a few things.  Since Christmas our mantle is driving me crazy.  And the window treatment in the living room....blah!  There are so many things we want to do to this house.  Part of me thinks it is time to move, but the responsible part of me knows we need to stay here a few more years.  Redoing things is what it is all about.  Layla's ceiling fan has been giving us fits, so that seems like a great place to start this weekend!

the day we moved in back in 2006

5.  Earlier this week Layla woke up at night because of thunderstorms.  She slept in our bed with me.  Two nights in a row we  had storms in January. When do kids out grow being afraid of storms?  She has probably slept in our bed  maybe 5 times in her entire life.  All these times were after age 3 and during really bad storms.  I have to say it was kinda sweet to have her sleep with me, but she said I am a cover hog!

6.  Gary has been out of town working all week long.  We are so ready for him to come home!!!  The best part....he is bringing us Wisconsin cheese again.  Whooo hooo!  I love cheese!  We all love cheese!  I can't wait AND he buys the kids string cheese that is to die for.  I am hoping for another block of Tomato Basil cheese.  Yum!

7.  What in the world is it about Spongebob that kids love?  Hayden begs me every day to watch it.  I can't stand that show at all.  He doesn't watch watch it very often so why does he want to??  I have said before it makes kids brains mushy.  I caved though.  He got to watch it yesterday.  Right after one show I told him his brain was getting mushy.  He turned it off.

8.  Ok, last number...

Yesterday Layla and Hayden each had a friend come over to play at our house.  There were four kids running and playing in our house.  It was so fun to see them all play.  For the first 30 minutes I got my feelings hurt.  Hayden and his buddy went into his room and shut the door, and Layla and her friend did the same thing.  I just sat in the living room happy but sad.  Happy for quiet and thankful for great friends, but sad because I wanted to play too.   I did get to play later, so not to worry.  What am I going to do someday soon when they just stay in their rooms with their friends and don't hang out with me anymore?  I am enjoying every moment.  I don't take a second of time with my kids for granted!  They just grow so fast.  It seems like yesterday I was standing next to Gary and Layla when we moved into our house.  Time flies!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Katie said...

I have the EC address book! I love it!

Kodi said...

Get yourself the address book! I love mine. :)

Karen At Home Blog said...

I received my Spring Catalogs in the mail too yesterday!! Woohoo! Super excited to what this Spring holds. Have a good weekend!


Unknown said...

you KNOW i want the address book :-) i'm gonna have to order soon!!!

Traci said...

I just bought a Vera Bradley address book. We have the same EC planner except mine is turquoise! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I haven't even jumped on the EC planner yet - (and I really should) - but I bet the address book is just as awesome!!
Have a great weekend - I'll try to send you some of the snow that we are having here right now!

Ashley E. said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wisconsin cheese is the BEST! Josh's family is from there and they always send/bring us back cheese! Oh and you definitely need the address book!

LeAnna said...

I bet that cheese is delicious! Time surely does fly, man! I hear ya on wanting to redecorate! We've lived in our 4 years this past December, which just blows my mind. My Hubby is always ready to move (he moved around a lot when he was young) but I'm the type that wants to settle somewhere and stay. Our house isn't selling so that may be just what we do here!
Q has just started waking up when it storms, but so far he just needs reassurance. My little brother was like 8 years old before he quit being afraid of storms.
Have a great Saturday!

Anonymous said...

that cheese looks amazing!!!!!

your newest follower :)

Kelli said...

1. I love thirty-one. I need to have a party.
2. You can come visit our snow anytime...I'm so cold!
3. Get the address can't go wrong with EC.
4. We've been here 5 years and we are strongly working on a list of to do's the need to be done. Spicing things up a bit will make you enjoy it more...go for it.
5. Poor Layla...hopefully she'll grow out of being scared soon.
6. Cheese...YUM!
7. I strongly dislike Spongebob...I don't get it.
8. I had the same thing happen today when Jamison had a friend over. They do grow fast.