Thursday, January 12, 2012

sentimental couch

There are some silly things around the house that I can't get rid of.  I have donated or sold so many of the kids things.  One thing I can't part with is this silly Dora couch.  

Layla is 6 and Hayden is 3.  Layla loved Dora once upon a time.  Hayden has never really cared for Dora.  He has maybe watched 12 episodes his entire life.  Clearly it is silly for us to still have a Dora couch, but oh well.  

I suppose I should jump on over to pinterest and figure out a way to recover this little gem! 

Oh so many memories!!

Even Harley loves the Dora couch!

Layla has read TONS of books in this comfy spot!

I can't even count the times this foam bed has been thrown into the washing machine...the zipper on the cover is broken because it has been taken on and off so many times. 

Hayden and I were playing in the playroom on Tuesday and he made himself into a fruit roll up!

These are the silly little memories I am thankful for.  Even though we don't watch Dora anymore and the kids are getting to big for the Dora couch this Momma will have to keep the couch just because I want to remember.   Who knows if it will make it forever, but maybe our grand-kids can romp around on it!

Is there something you just can't seem to get rid of??  What silly sentimental thing can you not part with? 


Carrie said...

That is so cute :-) I hope you keep it forever! I always tell the kids, someday your kids will come over to our house and play with these toys! because that's what they do at Grandma's house and Dan always says, "I remember playing with that" :-)

It's hard when they start growing up...I want to hold onto everything!

Unknown said...

i have a baby blanket that i found the other day when i was organizing my linen closet. i about cried when i found it! both my boys used it and for a split second i thought about donating it! but, that faded fast. it's folded nice and neat in the linen closet for me to look at and remember my boys and those special times!!! {i might have even held it up to my face and smelled it} *MIGHT* -- ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Both my kids have throw pillows on their beds that they've had since they were itty bitty. Audrey has a Pooh Bear one and Ethan has a fire engine, a spiderman and superman one. I think they will be there for many more years.

The Dora couch looks to comfy to give up....looks like you have lots of good memories with it!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

they are soooo adorable!

i can't get rid of certain books...i am now reading the same ones to reid and lily that i read to grayson 15 yrs ago. i can still remember it like it was yesterday

Ahhh Mom said...

Hi! This is my first post that I have read from your blog and can't wait to read more but I had to stop and say that I will never, ever, be able to get rid of my rocking chair. I have an upcoming post on the old thing. It's coming apart in many places but I've rocked all my babies in it and I plan to rock my Grandbabies in it too!

Kelli said...

There was this chair that we had for a while that was SO hard to get rid of. Jamison would fall asleep in this chair, watch TV, read books. I think we ended up giving it to someone that we knew. So sad...I miss that chair.

Amy said...

stop it! i hate you for this post. all i can do is blubber and think about how fast libbi will grow. these pictures are just too much! :)
thanks to you i'm now a hoarder and will never throw away another thing that my babies touch. when i'm on "hoarders:buried alive" would you like to me to mention you? your blog? or would you like to make an actual appearance you enabler, you?! ;-)

btw...this was a super sweet post. :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

there are some things that are just impossible to part with. recover it and then keep it until they have kids someday. you can just keep passing it down;)