Tuesday, January 24, 2012

jumping and rolling

Really Dude? 

Huh?  This isn't acceptable behavior?

I'm gonna jump Mommy!!  Are you watching?

Ugh!  What is it with boys standing on furniture? And jumping off of it??

Wild man.  He needs to be tamed.   

He is a fun little man.  I really enjoy my days with just he and I during the day while Layla is at school.  I had so many days with just she and I before he was born and now I get that with him when he isn't in preschool.

Hayden helps me with the chores sometimes.

This is the dreaded linen closet.  The kids feel free to help themselves to blankets, throws and pillows whenever they so desire.  Keeping this closet clean is impossible.  

When I am feeling super lazy I love to do the 'shove and go'.

You know, you have done that trick.  You are so tired, but need to hide all the blankets and throws from the kids latest fort built in the living room.  You nicely fold all the blankets, but can't seem to fit them in the linen closet so you just shove them in and hope they don't dump out on you the next time you open the door.  Oh yes, the 'shove and go'.

Our linen closet has sheets, beach towels, bed pillows, throw pillows, old sentimental handmade quilts, baby blankets and linens for our travel trailer.  The closet is stuffed to the max.

I fold all the sheets which is a hard job at times.

And I roll all the beach towels, throws and small blankets.  Rolling is so easy and super easy to maintain.

Who need this much stuff?  
I am embarrassed by all the stuff in there.  I think I am subconsciously expecting a super cold winter with no electricity.  After people see this blog post they will be flocking to my house if there is a winter white out.  Soooo....if you are feeling a bit frustrated with your linen closet organization and you are doing to much of the 'shove and go'...try rolling your items.  

Happy Tuesday...Have a great day!


Kelli W said...

Hayden is such a cutie! Eli loves to jump on my furniture too. His favorite is jumping from the couch to the chair and back:) Rolling your blankets is such a great idea! I need to try that in our upstairs linen closet...it is a disaster!

Traci said...

Our linen closet is on my to do list too. I need to get rid of some of the stuff in it.

Hattie said...

I wish I had a linen closet!!! I think all boys love to jump off everything and anything. The older they get the higher the jumps get!!!

Kelli said...

Boys...they are a treat! My linen closet is just wild and crazy. Rolling is a great idea...we have a ton of blankets too!

Todd and Courtney said...

I love the silly jumps! Lauren is a jumper too. I kinda like that she's fun and fearless :)

Jillian said...

My linen closet looks very similar!