Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our weekend

Our weekend was low key.  Don't you just love weekend like that?

Layla went to a friends house for a play date turned sleepover.  She was one happy little girl!

Friday evening I had fun taking pictures in the setting sun.

On Saturday I attended the Thirty-One Spring Premiere.  
I am so excited about all the new spring prints and patterns!
I also enjoyed having girl time.

Since we got rid of Bogey, {i haven't posted about that, sorry} Harley is like a new dog.  She has been super social and even hangs out with Daisy now.  Clearly, Harley needs a new collar.   She has been super peppy and appears to be much happier.  I am thankful for our 12 year old pup!

I spent today chopping veggies and getting ready for our week.

We cleaned house...dusted vacuumed cleaned bathrooms and did tons of laundry.
The kids cleaned every door  knob in our house.  It's their new favorite chore!

  We were hoping to spend more time playing outside, but it was dreary.  

We are making salmon and new potatoes for dinner and I am hoping to watch Desperate Housewives.  I think it is new tonight.  I miss Brothers and Sisters.  Anyone miss it??

Have a great evening!


Jenn Getts said...

i need to take one day and chop and clean all my veggies!!! you so organized!! :-)

Unknown said...

I need to get organized like you do too!!
I am so bad for that :( Tomorrow night I'll be scrambling getting ready for my week.
That pic of you and your friend is so beautiful - you are both gorgeous!!
Glad you guys had a great weekend!!

Traci said...

I chopped veggies today too. It just makes the week so much easier to have lunches & meal prep done.

Carrie said... I need to have you around to get me motivated on lots of those chores! getting back from a break makes it so much harder, but so much more needed! What a great job for the kiddos to clean the doorknobs...and the light switches...I forget about those sometimes! ;-)

LOVE the sun pics...I always want to have a photo shoot in the evening, so pretty!

Sorry about Bogey...but I know just the feeling...we had a puppy for a couple years when Emily was born...and Skipper just did not really like him, and he's such an older dog...he was not a good fit for our family, and has been a good decision in the long run! Glad your sweet Harley is back and feeling like herself :-)

Heather said...

We did a lot of cleaning this weekend too. My parents took the twinsies for the's the only way we could get our house clean in one day. lol

Aly @ Analyze This said...

You had a busy weekend! :)

I can't wait to see what Thirty One has in store for their Spring/Summer collection! My bags shipped on Saturday - Wahhhoo!!!

Yay for Harley having more pep in her and being happy. I hope you all are happy about your decision!

Much love to y'all!!!!

Kendra said...

What a beautiful sunset! I haven't seen one of those in a couple months. I'm ready for summer again!

Kelli W said...

My boys had to clean doorknobs this weekend too...they had gotten something sticky all over like 4 doorknobs! Those look like some yummy veggies:) I love all the sunset pics! I have been trying to figure out Instagram since I got my iphone for Christmas...I know how to take pics but I can't figure out how to label them or comment on them.

Karen At Home Blog said...

Glad you had a nice weekend Angie!!! I love all the new products and prints too from 31!!!! Are you still thinking of going to conference?