Thursday, January 19, 2012

beautiful weather

It was 70 degrees this afternoon so we played outside and enjoyed the warm temperatures!

Did you notice....they colored their entire swing set with chalk.       sigh. 

I love to watch the kids play.  They have the funniest imaginations.  They come up with the greatest games.  I could just sit and watch them and take pictures of them for hours.

I'm looking forward to spring time so we can have some green grass!  I love our yard in the spring and summer when the grass is green and fluffy.  The kids went bare footed today and said the grass was hard.  Can you believe it?  No shoes in January. 

After a fun time outside the kids came in and gave me a headache played pretty music. 

Her facial expressions are so funny!

Hayden jams out to a backward guitar.  I couldn't stop laughing at him.

I'm so thankful for these loud kids!


Annie said...

oh my gosh, those first few pictures i was like i can't believe she lets them treat a puppy like that! how is it still alive, ha! then i realized it was a stuffed animal. from the swing pics it looked like it was a real puppy just hanging out then i see the pic of the dog flying through the air...LOL!!!
cute pics of the kiddos though!! and i'm totally jealous of your weather! it was -10 this morning here in MN with a wind chill of -25!!! so flippin' cold!! glad i didn't have to leave the house!

Kodi said...

I just love your kiddos. I can tell your house is a happy place. :)

Kelli W said...

We've had some great weather here lately shoes and shorts for my boys:) And I'm with you on the grass thing! I am so tired of looking outside and seeing gross dead grass!