Monday, January 16, 2012

pizza pies

We wanted to do something fun and different last night for dinner since the kids don't have school today.  I thought homemade pizzas would be perfect.  The kids are always begging to help us in the kitchen.  We all four had lots of fun creating our own pies!

Gary got all the ingredients prepped and ready while I helped the kids take baths and put on their pj's. 

This is the best pizza sauce HANDS DOWN! 

Black olives are a must on our pizza.  
The kids almost ate all the olives before they could get in on their pies.

I was shocked...BOTH kids ate artichoke hearts & mushrooms.  They both snacked on them and topped their pizzas with them!

Hayden's little hand snagging a mushroom!

Gary brought this string cheese home from Wisconsin and it melted nicely on the pizzas.

Daddy smeared the pizza sauce and the kids did the rest!

Layla creating her pie!

She added artichoke hearts too!


Hayden's turn to create!

He added artichoke hearts too!

My little three year old rocked this pizza creating task!  He had a great time!

My pie!

Daddy's pie!

In the oven they went for about 10 minutes.

I think Hayden's pizza looks like a kid pizza!

I was proud of Layla adding bell peppers.

I topped my pizza with some tomato basil cheese Gary bought in WI.  It was the perfect touch.

The pizza crusts I bought were 400 calories.  I wasn't sure if I could finish a whole pizza, but I did.  I added those calories into the "my fitness pal" app first thing Sunday morning.  I planned my whole day of eating around what turned out to be a 642 calorie meal. Yikes, but it was fun and worth it!

Gary's pizza was very similar to mine, but he added pepperonis and jalapenos.  His pizza looks super gourmet in my opinion.  Looking back at all our pizzas I think our creations match each of us so well.  Heehee!  Only I would say something like that.

Happy Monday!  

I hope you have a wonderful holiday today!


Traci said...

You'd think I'd know by now not to read your post around mealtime! I love doing little pizza's. I make them on whole wheat pita's & they're way less calories & the perfect size for one person.

Jillian said...

Such a fun idea!! Where dud u get the little crusts from?

Carrie said...

Those all look so good! I have been trying to be a better menu planner...and homemade pizzas is on our menu for Friday! I think the kids will love it! I forgot about black olives though, I will need to go back to the store! yum! I want to eat one right now! I think it's so fun to include the kids when your cooking!

Kelli W said...

Yum! I love that everyone got their own:) We did that with quesadillas on New Years Eve. I sat out tortillas, ground beef, beans, and a bunch of fixing and let the boys make their own. Then I heated them and cut them up.