Friday, February 11, 2011

a bit of my yesterday

People often ask me what I do all day at home.  I decided to pick a day and document it for y'all!  Excuse the crazy grammar and me talking in 1st, 2nd and 18th person.  I am journaling here.

Here is a peek into part of my day.

At 5:15am Bogey the puppy heard the neighbor dogs barking, so he woke me up barking.  I got him settled and fell back to sleep until my alarm went off at 6:50.  Layla was at our door way asking to get in bed with us to watch a bit of TV.  She jumped in our bed until about 7:00.  Then Hayden was squawking at his door.  (he has a child lock on the inside of his door to keep him in his room at night.)  Layla opened his door and off they went to the playroom to turn on the TV.  I ran to the back door with Bogey, who will pee pee on the floor if I don't get him outside. 

Doggie potty break and puppy food taken care of.  Now, I am off to help Layla get dressed.  She goes off into her room while I check the school menu.  I vaguely remember Thursday being a day she may not want to eat in the cafe. {cafeteria}  Yep, some kind of ham wrap...ain't gonna work for her, so I make a turkey and cheese sandwich, pringles, and a juice box.  About the time I wrap up the lunch making, Gary enters the kitchen pouring milk for the kids.  Layla comes back into the kitchen with her denim skirt at her knees.  It doesn't fit. Really? Did she grow overnight? Sheesh.  So I leave the kitchen to help her pick out a different skirt.  Crisis resolved.  Shew!

After Layla gets dressed she decides she wants to wear pig tails to school, so I am off to the bathroom to fix her hair.  After the hair is complete it is 7:15am. Time for Layla bug to eat breakfast.  Waffle dipped into strawberry yogurt and milk.  As always, there is more talking going on than eating.  She is telling us about a boy she dreamt about last night.  Just a friend, but she was going on and on about how in her dream they were playing in the snow. Weird.  She never talks about boys. Uggh!  Coffee please.  Oh and Bogey done eating...gotta get him outside so no accidents on the floor. 

At 7:30am sharp dad leaves to take Layla to school.  I get Hayden his milk and cereal and he goes to the playroom requesting to watch 'To Sto 3' aka Toy Story 3.   I grab a cup of coffee and sit with Hayden for a few minutes in the playroom checking twitter and my email.  I realize I need to get started on the laundry so I am off and running to straighten the house and grab laundry baskets.  I get a load in the wash and take towels out of the dryer, separate a few more loads and then find Bogey chewing on one of Hayden's toys.  After a few minutes of chasing him around the house I come out the victor!!!  The toy was saved. 

Gary gets home from dropping Layla bug at school.  We have a cup of coffee together and visit for a few minutes.  He decides he wants an omelet and makes me one too.  One egg with a slice of cheese and a another cup of coffee!  We eat our breakfast, hang out for a little bit longer and then I panic...we can't find Bogey...he is either tearing something up, or doing his duty on the floor....panic panic!!! 
And we found him.  Laying on the floor in front of the fire with a magazine.

Hayden seems very content watching another movie (Toy Story 2), because by now it is 9:30am.  Gary already showered and headed to the office to work.  A shower sounds really nice, clean hair...heavenly.  So I put Bogey into his crate and tell Hayden I am going to shower.  He says 'OK' and I leave him sitting in the playroom.  Since Bogey is in his crate I decided to feed Harley dog.  Everyone is all set and I jump into the shower!! Awesome...I usually shower at night and let my hair air dry, but today I am going to blow dry my hair and put makeup on...whoo hoo :)

After my short but nice shower I jump out, towel off and head to the playroom to check on Hayden.  He is in my bedroom.  Bogey's crate is Bogey in sight. WHAAAAA???  Seriously?  Hayden let the flippin' puppy out of his crate!!!!!  There is adult dog food down in the kitchen.  Bogey ate adult dog food one time before and it was disastrous. Sorry for TMI, but the stinky toots of a puppy are not fun to smell.  I am sooooo mad!  So I take off running, towel on my head, robe the kitchen and the dog food bowl is licked clean.  Shoot.  I don't know if Harley ate it all or if Bogey ate it.  Harley never finishes a whole bowl of food. She is a little lady, always leaving a bit. I'm 95% sure Bogey hogged down her food.  I am still so mad at Hayden.  Why would he do that? Oh because he is 2?

I stick Bogey and Harley outside in the freezing weather.  I hope Hayden watches a little bit more TV.  I will blow dry my hair.  I will!!!   So I section off my hair and blow a few strips dry with the round brush and then I run into the playroom to check on Hayden.  He is fine...I let the dogs back inside and finish blow drying my hair.  I am mad because it is frizzy.  Oh well.  Gotta get busy checking on all the crazies in my house.

Hayden and Bogey are fighting over toys in the playroom and Harley is sleeping.  Nice.  I see that now it is 10:30 and I can catch the last few minutes of The View.  I have a love-hate relationship with The View.  I usually get all mad and worked up when I watch it.  I RARELY watch TV at all during the day.  As you can see I barely get to sit this is a treat!  I plop down on the sofa, tweet about watching The View and Hayden walks into the room. "Mommy my bowbow hurts bad!!!" I think he needs to do #2, so I take him to the potty.  We read books and sit and sit and sit.  We chat and count and read more books.

Twenty minutes go by and suddenly it dawns on me...I have a puppy in my house that ate adult dog food.  I can't leave him unattended.  He will do #2 on my floor.  Ughhhh!  So, I tell Hayden to sit tight for a minute while I run to let the dogs outside.  Whew...after a quick scan of the house, no accidents to report!  Whew!  I head back into the bathroom to find it vacant.  Oh Lordy...the boy is naked. Where is he? Yep you guessed it: he pee pee'd on my kitchen floor. SHOOT ME NOW!!  See pic below...scene of the crime.  I toweled it up and sanitized the area.

I take Hayden back into the bathroom and talk to him about what he did wrong.  Clean his mess and by now it is 11:10 or so.  Now it is time for Hayden's lunch.  He usually eats around 11:30am so he can go down for his nap about 12:30pm.  Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread and he asked for orange juice.  Got it!  He is all set having a picnic in the playroom.  I turn my back to leave the room and he gets jelly on the carpet.  Seriously? That fast?  Sheesh!  I run out to get the carpet cleaner.  Phew!

I meet Gary in the kitchen.  He has emerged from his office for lunch.  He sees the carpet cleaner and thinks doggie doo...wrong.  But the jelly came up...the cleaner is awesome!  Gary takes one look at me and says,
 "You look nice babe, I really like your hair. I didn't know you had a brush?"

We love each other like that....I smack him on the arm and walk off.  I feel sorry for him.  Since we were snowed in a week ago I have only applied make up once.  I washed my hair several times, but didn't blow it dry.  I don't have super curly hair, but when it air dries is is almost frizzy and wavy.  Anyway, he has only seen me in yoga pants and pj's for 2 weeks now. 

Gary makes his lunch.  I make myself a salad and sit down to eat it only to realize I didn't check on Hayden.  Sometimes I worry about him being in the playroom eating alone and choking and stuff. He is fine and ate his entire sandwich and asked for another one.  Well allrighty then.  I won't turn him down.  So instead of eating my salad I make up another sandwich.  I guess I left the pet gate down and Bogey got into the playroom and tried to eat Hayden's chips.  Once again chips would not be good on a puppy tummy.  So I get the sandwich made and delivered and wrangle the dog out of the playroom.  Bogey goes outside again for the bazzillionth time.  And I sit down to eat my salad.  

Bogey is totally tearing up the back yard.   I can see him running and things flying around.  He is running with the broom.  When I get up to see what he has next it appears he has a cigar in his mouth.  Whatever!!  I'm assuming it is a stick of some sort, but since we don't have any trees in our back yard I wonder where he got a stick.

Hayden comes into the kitchen asking what I have in my mouth...poacher!!!  He takes one look at my salad and decides he isn't interested.  Off he goes with his gun to shoot through the office windows at dad.  Gary welcomes the interruption and allows Hayden, Bogey (who I just let inside from being outside) and Harley into his office.  It gets loud and rowdy in there and then trouble erupts.  Bogey tee teed on the office floor, and he is shoved outside again.  Gary cleans his floor and I wrangle Hayden into his room to change his diaper and put him in bed for his nap.  Finally, I will get to sit down in a few minutes! But first I must finish eating, put away my dishes and fold the towels that have been in my polka dot chair all morning.  Gary comes out of his office to kiss Hayden before bed and helps me fold the towels...he is so sweet.

Hayden shot himself w/the gun before he visited Gary in the office.

I get the dogs calmed down and I finally sit down  I notice it is about 1:20pm.  Gary is in his working, Hayden is napping and the dogs are sleeping. Whew! Me time = writing this post and checking email/twitter.

I jump up remembering that I haven't set anything out to thaw for dinner. 

Can you tell what I am making? 

I'm thinking cupcakes also to celebrate Valentine's Day...if I have time.  Who has time?  Ugh!

It has taken me almost an hour to write and add pictures to this blog post.  I have to pick Layla up from school in about 30 minutes.  Hayden will be waking up very soon from his nap, and I must get the chicken into the slow cooker.  I'm glad I had the time to share part of my day with you.  I would really like to document the rest of my day, but I'm exhausted.  I can't wait to eat my chicken and watch my Thursday night TV shows, but first I must put the puppy outside and get through the rest of this day :)  & hopefully I will get a cupcake...oh and incase you are wondering...bed time is my favorite time!!


Kelli said...

Reading this made me tired! Who needs a workout when you have Hayden and Bogey. That Gary is so sweet to help you fold towels. Hope you get to rest this weekend. Ooh, and I love, love The View, but never get to watch it.

Karen At Home Blog said...

What a great post!!! I love hearing about your day!

Traci said...

I'm ready for a nap after reading that!! Isn't it great to have hubby's that help?? Have a great weekend!

Todd and Courtney said...

you've inspired me. I need to write down my day with only 1 kid :) Posting now...

Carrie said...

That is too funny...It's so true! I always wonder how I get through the day and not sit down...but it still seems like I haven't gotten anything done! I use that same carpet old dog...two cats...three kids...gotta have it!

And I made that chicken last week after you posted it...SO GOOD! I need to make it again!

Love Thursday night tv too! Hope you have a great weekend! Love all the pics...the on of Hayden lying on the floor is too funny! ;-)