Sunday, November 13, 2011

brief weekend summary

We had the best weekend!

It was peaceful and relaxing and I am so happy to say we had nothing to do and it was so nice.

Gary grilled and I made a few new recipes.  

The kids played outside for hours and hours.

Hayden colored on his face. Hey, at least it was his favorite color "lellow"!

We did lots of running!

We ate ooey gooey rice crispy treats.

Gary grilled a brisket.

Daisy played with golf balls.

Bogey hogged up all the pillows.

Layla gave me her best smile for once....she usually gives me her hand in front of the camera.  

It was a fun weekend and we are refreshed and ready for a new busy week!


Kelli W said...

That does sound like the best weekend ever! Layla's smile is so pretty! We were busy with football all weekend...but it is finally over! Now maybe we can have a few relaxed weekends before the holidays begin:)

Traci said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! I'm ready for one of those hang out & do nothing ones. I think Layla looks just like you in that pic!

Kelli said...

New recipes...yummy. I will have to show Rondell that brisket so he can drool :) Tell Hayden he has the coolest favorite color ever!!! Layla looks so much like you in that picture...adorable.