Monday, November 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

We had a fun Thanksgiving break and now the kids are back in school for 3 weeks and then they are out for the Christmas break!  I'm already so excited about the holiday break.  The kids are at fun ages!!  The excitement in their eyes is so fun to see!  

This time of the year I really crave coffee creamer.  I usually just drink my coffee with one Splenda packet, but when the holidays roll around I really feel the need for creamer!  I used this this morning and it is so delicious!

I made banana bread last night for the kids to eat for breakfast this morning!  It turned out so delicious!  We were all a bit burned out from all the 'pumpkin' themed foods we have been eating.  This banana bread hit the spot.  It turned out so pretty!

Look who got a new Christmas collar!!  It is perfect for our wild pup!  Camo Christmas!

I am still searching for collars/sweaters for the girl pups in our lives.  I have bought several for Daisy Mae, but they just don't look right.  When we got her she wore a small sweater/shirt.  Now that size seems to be too small for her.  I think we are over feeding her, so we are putting her on a diet.  We aren't used to having a small dog, so we need to scale back her diet so she can keep her girlish figure!

We took a few pictures by the Christmas tree yesterday as a family.  The pictures are so stinkin' funny!  Gary and I were laughing so hard taking them.  They are quite comical.  That is a whole post for another day.  

Seriously?  Can you say tonsils?  They are so WILD!!

This my friends is my recipe binder.  This time of year makes me want to cook up a storm.  I'm looking forward to getting my chores done this morning so I can sit down with a warm cup of coffee {with creamer} and find some fun, warm and delicious things to cook in the next few weeks!

And because I haven't in awhile I am linking up with the lovely Carissa for a little Miscellany on this Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Monday!


Kelli W said...

That picture of Layla and Hayden is hilarous! I want to like coffee...mostly because all the creamers sound so good:)

Anonymous said...

Your recipe binder is awesome! Will you make me one? Mine is basically a bunch of random recipes shoved in a folder. Not very user friendly... :0)

Great job on the lovely banana bread. My tum is growling!

carissa said...

i'm super impressed with your recipe binder. i have a bunch of recipes like that but without the binder. ; )

hahaha! can you say tonsils again! that is seriously so funny.

Kelli said...

Ooh...I am putting that creamer on my next grocery list. YUM!! I love that Christmas collar...very festive. That picture of Layla and Hayden is hilarious...gotta love kids :) I must say that I'm looking forward to your cooking too so that I can write down all of the recipes :)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

too funny about the creamer...i posted about it a while back and talked about how nasty it was....funny we all have diff tastes...i buy the peppermint mocha (gags my hubs) i buy almost every bottle they have to make it last until feb

Carrie said...

I have been LOVING the peppermint mocha creamer...and I will definitely be looking for that sugar cookie flavor, yum!

I love the puppy collar, skipper needs a new one, his is John Deere, but he needs to be more festive! ;-)

the kids are so funny! I love this time of year! I get a little giddy too ;-)

Can't wait to hear what yummy recipes you come up with...I need to be more motivated to cook some new things!

Traci said...

That pic of the kids is hilarious!!! You would die if you saw my recipe binder. Seriously. Not mcuh too it. So here's a stupid question - if I put creamer in my hot tea would it taste like a latte??