Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

We had a fun day celebrating Thanksgiving at my parents house today.  We visited with my side of the family today and tomorrow we will cook a Thanksgiving meal for Gary's family.  

We will be need a detox from turkey before it is all over!

I enjoyed visiting with my Grandparents today.  Sadly they were a bit confused about where they were.  I have decided it is the pits to get old.  Bless their hearts.

Layla is the sweetest girl ever.  She had so much fun playing with my parents new pups.  Layla is such an animal lover.  It makes my heart happy to see her play with animals and be so gentle and loving.

Hayden had a million smarshmallows!  We didn't make smores, but we all ate roasted marshmallows when the sun went down.  I was already full as a tick, but I just couldn't resist.

When we left our house this morning it felt really nice outside.  The second we got to my parent's neighborhood it was foggy and cold.  I didn't pack a jacket for Layla so she wore one of my parent's sweatshirts.  It was a Texas Tech sweatshirt and I think she must have got some grief for it, so she turned it inside out!  My uncle and aunt are Longhorn fans, my dad is a huge Texas Tech fan, and we are Baylor fans.  Lots of Texas football fans in the house and tons of tradition.  We always enjoy watching the UT and Aggie game on Thanksgiving evening.  Sadly, last night was the last one ever.  

I am so thankful for a family that loves me unconditionally.  I am so thankful for these three people.  I am blessed beyond words.  I have to say how proud I am of my kiddos.  They were on their best behavior all day long.  They were so kind and polite.  They had wonderful manners and they both had so much fun!  They are the sweetest little people I know and I am one proud Momma!

I hope you had a wonderful Turkey day today!!

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Brian and Sarah said...

You have such sweet children :) Is that puppy Layla is loving on an australian shepherd? We have two fo them, and they are just the BEST dogs with children! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Family time is the best, isn't it?