Thursday, November 17, 2011

My ear, Private Practice, nail polish, a GPS & a simple thank you!

Whew...I am a little out of breath after that title.


I just got home from seeing my ear/nose/throat doctor.  I had a hearing test that still shows a bit of hearing loss.  I also told the doctor about the clicking I still hear.  All of these things should get better with time.  The clicking is a muscle spasm in my ear?!?  Kind of like when the eye twitches.  The hearing loss is very minimal.  My doctor doesn't really think these things are super worrisome.  I sometimes think that being in tune with my body can work against me.  I notice every little change in my body and I think it can be good and bad at times. So... we wait. I guess we will see if my ear gets better.  Honestly, this has been a huge pain in my behind, but I am thankful the situation isn't worse.


I need to purchase a book about raising boys.  Hayden is a little wild man right now.  He is testing boundaries like never before.  It is a challenge to keep up with him.  When I stress out about things I do not understand, I like to read and research.  I feel the need to read right now. Anybody else this way?  Do you feel as though you need to fill your brain with insight?  If you can recommend good parenting books or parenting a boy books let me know.  Once I finish typing this post I am headed to for inspiration.


I am so excited about the upcoming week.  When Layla gets out of school today she is out for a week!  I love Thanksgiving.  I love the holiday's with my family.  I can't wait to put up our Christmas tree next weekend.  YES....I am one of THOSE people.

I don't Ho Ho Ho until I Gobble Gobble!
{isn't that the cutest saying?!?  i heard it on twitter last week and i totally just stole it}


For those of you that email and tweeted and called me wishing me luck at my big Thirty-One event last night...thanks!  It went great!  I met tons of people and made lots of contacts.  Thank you for your support in helping me get this fun business going!  I am so blessed.


Did any of you watch Private Practice last night? Wow wee!  It was so intense.  I love that show!  Do you think Addison is pregnant this time.  Do you like her and Sam together?  Do you think Amelia will stay sober?  Did the whole Pete and Violet drama break your heart?  So many questions!  I feel like the kid on Home Alone when the man is loading the van...remember him asking ALL those questions?!


Sooooo, here's my 2 cents on nail polish.

 Thanks to my friend Jessica and our very in depth conversation about cheap vs. expensive polishes....I have come to the conclusion that the base and top coat are all that matter.  I painted my nails with a new Sally Hansen base/top coat all in one.  My polish has stayed on much longer.  YAY!  I am thrilled and I know you have been waiting your whole life to hear this earth shattering news! har har.  The moral of the story...get a good base/top coat.  The one I bought was only $7.00 and it is in a silver squarish bottle.


I want to make Chex mix and so many other fun things.  Our grocery bill is just going to be insane.  I just can't help myself.  I also want to make chocolate covered almonds.  I made rice crispy treats last week and they were gone in two days. I kid you not.


I don't want my kids to rely on GPS's when they are teenagers or adults.  When I am going somewhere and I don't know where I am going I usually print a map or read/study a map online before I leave.  If I get lost while driving I'll stop and put the address into my iPhone.  The thought of my kids leaving our house with an address plugged into a GPS scares me to death.  In my opinion they need to know where they are going.  They need to be aware of their surroundings.  I have lived in several cities in my life.  A few of those are...Fort Worth, Arlington, Tyler and Waco, all in Texas.  I have also lived right outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan and I worked for several months in Minneapolis.  I didn't have a GPS.  I figured it out and conquered every single city I lived in.  I want my kids to learn the roads and really understand where they are going.  What do you think about this?  Do you rely on a GPS in your automobile?


I don't say it often enough, but thank you all for reading....Thank you so much!

Have a great weekend!


Liz said...

The GPS does dumb people down (including me! yikes!). It's fantastic for convenience, but you're right, it shouldn't be the only resource.
Have a happy Turkey Day break! I'll be stealing your stolen twitter phrase!

Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons said...


1. I made the dip today. Delish! And I couldn't even taste the blue cheese! :) Thanks for the recipe!

2. Bringing Up Boys (James Dobson) and Wild at Heart (I forgot the author but can call my hubby if you want me to. He'll know) Two wonderful books about raising boys. And Biblically-based

3. I DVR'ed Private Practice and haven't watched yet, so I reserve the right to answer your questions later!! :)

Traci said...

I don't put any Christmas decorations or trees up until the day after Thanksgiving but I have been listening to Christmas music!

Congrats on 31!

I gave up on Private Practice last season. I was just losing interest.

I've always used maps but my new Explorer has built in GPS & I do use it. Not around here because I know the area but when we went to Dallas for Labor Day it was awesome. We were just there for the weekend so it worked out great. Have a great weekend!

Jillian said...

I don't gobble gobble until I ho ho ho either ;)

Jillian said...

Or the reverse, u know what I mean? Right?

Kelli said...

Sticky ear...I hope it cooperates with you very soon...I know this has been frustrating. My Caleb has been wild too and we've had to try different things but he's still crazy. If you get some good tips let me know. Hee, hee...I don't Ho ho ho until I Gobble Gobble it. I totally had to skip the PP part because I'm behind. I am the about directions...not a fan of the GPS. Even if I use my phone I usually use the map and not just it telling me directions. Have a wonderful turkey day!!!