Wednesday, November 9, 2011

warm winter time treat

one of the best parts of winter time...

hot chocolate with smarshmallows

us adults love our coffee on cold mornings

and kids love to get messy

while drinking hot warm chocolate

when you dig into the cup to get the smarshmallows out

your hands get really dirty

gotta stir it up


the perfect morning pick me up

I'm not making a mess mommy, I promise!

Oh no, it's almost empty

slurp slurp with my messy chocolate filled eyebrow

the best hot chocolate comes with multi-colored smarshmallows

wow...big colorful bite

they are better in there

now you want hot chocolate don't ya?


Kelli W said...

Too funny! Man he made a huge mess with that hot chocolate! It has only been cold enough a few days so far this year to make hot chocolate, so we haven't had any yet. I did buy a new box with marshmallows this week...but not the fun colored ones:)

carissa said...

oh, yes, yes i do! yumm! he looks so cute too. you have a handsome hot chocolate model. : )

Kelli said...

I want to pinch his cheeks is what I want to do...he's so cute! I must find those color marshmallows :)

Traci said...

Yes I do!! Hayden looks like he enjoyed it.