Monday, November 28, 2011

Thirty-One Holiday Specials

Today I am sharing the amazing sale that Thirty-One has going on right now...Let the Christmas Shopping begin!

For every $31.00 you spend you can choose one of these items for only $5.00.  
That my friends is a STEAL!  

Here is how it works...Let's say your total is $160.00.  

You get 5 of these fun items for $5.00 each. So no matter how many times you get to $31.00 you get another $5.00 item.

Are you with me?  It can get confusing!

The first choice is the All-in-One Organizer.  

The bag is shown AND to the right... all the colors it comes in.  See what I mean?  AND for only $7.00 you can personalize it!  You can put your initials or your name.  Or you can personalize it with anything you so desire.  What an amazing gift to give this holiday season.

I think this would make a great bag to give to a little boy.  The camo color with a movie, Twizzlers and popcorn.  Perfect Christmas gift for sure!  He could fill it with blocks or even Legos.  It is such a versatile bag!

Another choice is the Cinch Sac.  Layla has this in the Pink Circle Spirals color.  She loves it.  She carries it to sleepovers, soccer games and just when we are out and about.  It cinches up and the kids can wear it like a backpack. 

The flat iron case is also offered in the $5.00 special.  If you spend $31.00 you can get one of these in the color choices below for only $5.00.  Every lady needs a case for their flat iron!

This is the zip up pencil pouch.  I use this in my purse for all my misc items.  This too is one of the FIVE choices in the holiday special!

Lastly is the soft wallet.  I carry this lovely wallet and I love it.  It has plenty of room for all my necessities and also a side zipper pocket.  It put my change in that side pocket!  You can see the colors it is offered in below!

I know you are completely overwhelmed trying to decide what to get.  And I know you are asking what items you can purchase to get you above $31.00.  I am here to tell you there is a bag for everyone and every occasion.

My favorite bag {seen below} is $25.00.  When you personalize it with your name or initials, that adds $7.00 making your total $32.00.  That qualifies you for one of the $5.00 items!

See the color choices below to the right?  I want the black taylored stripe.  It has hot pink handles.  So I would put my initials ASJ in hot pink.  Then I would get the zip up pencil pouch in pink to hold my lipstick, mirror and other goodies. `

So for $37.00 plus shipping and tax I am all set...or I can gift this!  This bag is perfect for so many mom bag, snack bag, shopping bag, makeup/toiletries.  I could go on and on!

Merry Christmas to me!

Are you confused?  If so email me. {angelajsipes at gmail [dot] com} I will be glad to walk you through the ordering process.  Act fast though.  If you want to order for yourself, friends and family for must order now!

Or if you just want to browse all the goodies Thirty-One has to offer got to my website...

I realize I cut some of the color choices off on the right side, but I wanted to ensure you can see the bags in a large view!
(all of these images were taken from the Thrity-One online catalog)

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